MUSIK Whitepaper


Music has the ability to take us back in time, enliven a party, or set the mood for a relaxed and calm evening. It can affect your life positively and in very real ways. There are countless reasons to lose yourself in beautiful music, from improving your mood to increasing your motivation. Here are just a few of the scientifically proven benefits you get from listening to music...
  • Music relieves anxiety. Studies show that listening to music can physiologically reduce stress and even reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Music boosts our performance. Do you need to face a big project? Listen to some music. Studies show that background music can raise people's cognitive performance when taking tasks such as academic exams.
  • Music can improve our sleep. One study found that listening to classical music helps relieve insomnia symptoms in college students. Other research also suggests that music ...among other benefits.
And making these benefits that music brings to humanity possible, Musik has found a way to aggregate and benefit investors, who, during their time of enjoying good music, can gain from it.
Musik combines two worlds of music and blockchain together. Creating an opportunity for music lovers to groove on their favourite tunes and earn money while doing it.
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